Artist Statement

Tiffany is a Chicago-based artist whose work primarily focuses on healing and presence through documentary photography and observational drawing. She’s interested in the aspects that make shared spaces feel safe and the role that they have in creating social fluency for communities at large.
Learning what it means to be an artist within a community, Tiffany is currently establishing roots in her own neighborhood through visual storytelling and building cross-cultural relationships.

Tiffany graduated from Wheaton College with a BA in Fine Arts and she hopes to continue her studies in Architecture in the near future.

Artist Bio

Tiffany Gong grew up in Brooklyn, New York where she found that her interests in the arts were more than just surface level deep. She moved to Chicago, Illinois for her undergraduate studies at Wheaton College where she received her Bachelor’s in Studio Art practices. There, she found her practice finding comfort in the ways that her making things could provide a direction for meaning making. Through observational and fictitious drawing, she puts in place her view of the world, delighting in the possibility that through this process she could understand the world and the people in it a little better than before.

Chicago, Illinois